Vincent Nolan Mediation

Trust, empathy, patience, persistence and integrity ... The hallmarks of mediation.
Rocky Nolan

   "True Friend"

Serving the Counties of:

Los Angeles·Orange·San Diego·Riverside·San Bernardino

Scheduling - Fee’s - Briefs

1. Mediation may be scheduled online (See Contact Me at, by email or by phone.

2. The cost of mediation is $4000 for a full day and $3000 for a half day.
     There are no additional charges and no travel expense.

3. Full payment of the mediation fee must be received in advance of the
     mediation. The mediation fee is fully refundable if the mediation is
     cancelled at least seven days before the scheduled mediation date.

4. Mediation may take place at my office in Riverside or any other mutually
     agreeable location.

5. Mediation briefs should be delivered to me by email or regular mail
     ten days before the mediation.

6. Mediation briefs should include a brief summary of the factual, legal and
     procedural background of the case; the damages claimed; a summary of
     settlement proposals, including dates and amounts; any barriers to
     settlement; and a statement of the party's interests and priorities
     regarding settlement. The parties are encouraged to submit
     supplemental material such as excerpted deposition testimony,
     key cases, statutes, exhibits, and other documents.