Vincent Nolan Mediation

Discourage litigation.
   Persuade your neighbors to compromise.”
- Abraham Lincoln



Why Mediate Employment Cases

1. Mediation is a non adjudicatory, consensual process; therefore, the clients and their counsel are the decision-makers.

2. Mediation provides a private setting for attorneys and clients to strive toward resolution of their case.

3. Mediation is an effective and cost effective method of resolving employment cases.

4. All communications at mediation are treated as confidential and all sides will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

5. There is no one size fits all mediation procedure. The process is flexible and enables the attorneys and their respective clients to tailor the mediation process to that which is best suited to the case.

6. Successful mediation necessitates the presence of decision makers; adequate briefing from all sides; and a willingness to discuss factual, legal, procedural and other pertinent aspects of the case.

7. Because mediation is a facilitated negotiation, it allows for increased party involvement and offers the possibility of creative problem solving.